This trip takes you explore Old village in West Sumatra called Luhak Limo Puluah Koto, placed by peoples that still keep the Minangkabau culture, beautiful paradise surround by green valley created by central Sumatra geological activity also crossed ecuador line and lively with local habbits also learn unique tradition about farming, culinary, dance, music by local peoples.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate, you will learn about cultural things olds more than 1 million years ago, has been studying by Germany scientist about culture and geological activities on Harau Valley. Unforgetable experience in travelling only with Entra Indonesia.

Exploring the National geological park Harau Valley, old village called Taeh Bukik, you will experience outstanding scenery, wildlife and culture, cullinary– as well as geological trekking ! If you’re looking for a trip that allows you to spend your days exploring the great geological park and your evenings in different comfortable place and accommodations, this could be the perfect trip for you.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Minangkabau International Airport, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:15 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Professional instructor Meals
free time Full AC Transportation
Etniktravel of Indonesia Certificate from ENTRA, and as Green Friend of Indonesia from Greent Tourism Institute 4 night at Entra House (lodge)


Dresscode “Tangkuluak Kompong” for woman and “Baju Gadang” with “Deta” for man, Prepared by Entra
Entrance fee, CSR
Airplane Ticket
Instructor gratuity

Experience: This trip is suitable those who have little or no experience at all. You will need to be fit enough for 5 days active days of geotrekking, hiking, culinary, and cultural. There is hiking or portages planned for this trip – learn how to cook red sugar start from farming the sugar water until cooking, make an old desert in Minangkabau Paniaram with red sugar ingredients also unforgetable farewell party at end of day.


Welcome to Harau Valley

Meeting with ENTRA Indonesia representatives at Minangkabau International Airport. Enjoyed BIKA is traditional snacks unique Minangkabau that has been reviewed by some Indonesian media like, Trans Tv. Relax and unwind by enjoying the scenery lake koto baru front merapi mountain. After eating BIKA continued to Payakumbuh then see the geological beauty Ngalau Seribu. Afternoon check in to House of Residents. Dinner is continued at the resident’s home.

Note :

  • Arrival no later than BIM at 09.00 WIB or one visit program will be canceled

Lunch local restaurant – Entra House Dinner


Speargun of Harau Valley

After breakfast to Lubuak Sati, Valley which is accompanied by perennialy river which is always flowed in various seasons and overgrown with various species of orchid plants and other exotic plants, following the Traditional Spearfishing Manual. Implement CSR (Community Social Responsibility) Create a plastic waste dump at several points along the river in Lubuak Sati with local communities. Return to Entra House for a rest.

Note :

  • Lunch from fresh fish and cooked on the edge of the Lubuak Sati river.
  • Travel has no insurance but participants are guided by a professional guide (safety first)
  • Speargun prepared by Entra.

Muddy Spear Fish with Local People

After breakfast immediately put the eel trap into the fields. Continued Learning Technique and applying the way of catching fish a la tempo in the Valley Harau, ” Manimbo ”, dried up a small river trap the fish so that it can be caught directly by hand. Malukah Baluik, catching eel using a special trap from wicker stick, Lukah. Back to Entra House, prepare a special menu of bawdy sambalado for dinner. Learn and play a typical musical instrument Minangkabau Saluang & Bansi (bamboo flute, which has different plays Technique)

Note :

Activities muddy and demanding participants to wear special clothes


Soft trekking ke Air Terjun berbentuk Donat

After breakfast directly to gate point trekking (by Geopark grade advance guide) using motor becak to Geoside The underground waterfall is formed from the erosion of rocks by river water flow, more than 1 million years old, while catching palo fish, using tempo that is, with a rope. Return to Entra House for a rest.

Note :

  • Becak motor is a unique vehicle Harau Valley
  • Palo fish caught should not be taken home Because protected. After the fishing has to be released

Delicious Healthy Food of Harau Valley

Breakfast at Entra House, harvesting eel from Lukah which was installed on the second day in the rice fields. Make a typical Salad past made from Coffee Leaf. Harvesting Cassava directly from the garden to boil and mixed with Harau Valley special seasoning as a dessert. The evening is continued for the appearance of salung & bansi in front of the people of Harau Valley.

Note :

  • Fishing activities using traditional techniques done for dinner supplies
  • Eel trap or “Lukah” provided by the committee

Bapisah Bukannyo Bacarai

Free program, while waiting for the transfer schedule to the airport (can be delivered for souvenir or souvenir shopping).

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