Highland West Sumatra biking itinerary is an absolute epic and, without a doubt, one of our favourite trips. It features a 3 Days of superb riding Around Harau Valley Geological Park surrounded by 100m cliff also you can see a lot of rice fields from the top of it.

Our pioneering route covers 70km at totals, an awesome amount of ascent and descent and is the ultimate coast to coast mountain bike ride in the UK.

In the quest to make a great trip even better, we have made further improvements this year which mean more superb Highland trails and a offroad car of accommodation throughout the trip. The trails are as varied as the spectacular scenery of the Highland West Sumatra . Beginning in Entra House, we leave the Entra House behind and go with offroad car to Kelok Sembilan High way, then start ride all the way across the Highlands through the backcountry to the tip of the Landai Villages, the source of many biodiversity and unique cultural from West Sumatra. This is a truly superb multi-day mountain bike ride offering world class riding through some of the most spectacular scenery in the West Sumatra Highlands.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:15 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
The services of qualified and experienced mountain bike guides and assistant guide/support driver throughout your trip. All transport throughout the trip.
free time All group safety and bike maintenance equipment. 
Meals 2 nights accommodation in locally-owned Entra House
Airplane Ticket
Instructor gratuity

Why choose the Entra Indonesia Mountain Bike in Indonesia?
With many Mountain bike trip itineraries out there, how do you know which one’s best? Through 3 years+ of experience, knowledge and passion, we believe our trip is the one to choose. Hopefully the following facts will help you make up your mind:

•    Our 70km route features some of the best trails in Sumatra, this route also has been used by Tour de Singkarak event about 5 years ago. We have made it our mission not just to get from A to B, but to ride the best trails along the way.
•    Over the years, we have ridden all the alternatives and know that the route we have devised offers the best riding, scenery and challenge. Unlike other routes, ours is genuinely Mountain Bike trip in West Sumatra – exclusive in Kab. 50 Kota, West Sumatra
•    We invest each year in finding the best accommodation and food partners for the trip based upon our detailed knowledge and experience of the region. No other company offers such a high standard of accommodation and food throughout the trip.
•    All of our guides are professionals from the Highlands and know the trails inside out. Riding with them, you can sure of discovering the best riding, learning a huge amount about West Sumatra Culture, Biodiversity, geological, and  being safe, developing your skills and, for sure, having a lot of fun. Dont forget Entra Indonesia always has Farewell Party at the end of the trip.


Day 1 Welcome to Harau Valley

Meeting with ENTRA Indonesia representatives at Minangkabau International Airport. Enjoying Bika is a unique traditional snack Minangkabau that has been reviewed by some Indonesian media such as Net.tv, Trans Tv. Relax and unwind tiredness by enjoying the scenery of the new koto lake located just at the foot of Mount Merapi. After eating bika continued to Payakumbuh then see the geological beauty Ngalau Seribu. Afternoon check in to House of Residents. Dinner is continued at the resident’s home

Note :

  • Arrival no later than BIM at 09.00 WIB or one visit program will be canceled.
  • Lunch enroute at local restaurant – Dinner at resident /  atuak suhar house.
  • Lodging in local residents and atuak suhar house, in the nagari harau paddock harau room conditions in the form of wooden huts on the fish pond, in the form of cubicles and open space. With a separate toilet condition with the cottage

Harau Valley to <em>Solok Bio-bio</em> MTB

Breakfast in the Harau Valley, then leave for Solok Bio-bio through the 80 m valley of breccias and conglomerate types of rocks of water and aged over 40-50 million years old, the Harau Valley is just above the Sumatra Fault in an evolutive move up down. Catch fish in fish ponds Solok Bio-bio community by way of fishing, menimbo, and menyumpit. Return to Harau Valley to rest

Note :

  • MTB bicycle is prepared by the committee
  • Travel has no insurance but guided by a professional Guide (safety)
  • All fishing gear will be provided by the committee.
  • 8,5 km

Harau Valley – <em>Taeh Bukik </em>Cultural Field

After breakfast, the participants do the Road Cycling to Taeh Bukit where through the vast paddy fields, comb the foot of an inactive volcano that is the youngest mountain, to see the process of making Gulo Nira (Red Sugar), ranging from taking palm water which is not the fruit of palm from tree branches, and cooking process. Seeing and learning to make typical food Luhak 50 koto delicious made processed brown sugar that is Paniaram. Learn and understand world deadliest martial arts Silek by CBS News and see the debus show. Return to the Harau Valley to rest.

Note :

  • Fuel for the manufacture of paniaram using firewood that is worth cutting down
  • 20 km

Bapisah Bukannyo Bacarai

Free events or participants are welcome to shop for community handicraft souvenirs in the Harau Valley before transfer to the airport for your destination city or visit Padang City to see Padang Beach

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